The Health Commandments of Chronic Illness

I’ve been doing a lot of researching and a bit of trial and error. Every illness is different and every person within that illness is different. Some may have mildly irritating symptoms while others may end up bedridden and unable to function. While discussing different symptoms with a wide variety of people I came up with a list of “commandments” in order to help me (and maybe you) function a little easier. Or maybe it will inspire you to move towards the best health you can reach. What better way to start the new year than with some guidelines to assist on our journey.

The Health Commandments of Chronic Illness 

  • Spend at least 1 minute in prayer/meditation/positive thought. Even if that means laying in bed and saying thanks for just one thing.
  • Always take your meds. Write it down, set an alarm on your phone, get a pill box. Whatever works.
  • Stretch for at least 1 minute. In bed, on the floor, or standing up.
  • Do one thing at a time. What are your must dos for the day? Don’t try to multi-task. EVER.
  • Pick up after yourself when you can.
  • Recruit family and friends to help.¬†Or hire someone to do the cleaning/cooking if possible. Hubby, wife, kids, mom/dad, etc. Even the 2-3 year old can be taught to clean up after themselves. Encourage independence in children instead of wallowing in the mommy guilt.
  • Laugh everyday. Watch a funny movie or a favorite comedian.
  • Set reminders for important events. Use your phone, a planner, or a white board.
  • Plan your meals.
  • Remember to pace yourself. If you don’t schedule downtime to de-stress and let your body rest then a flare will likely show up at the least opportune time.
  • Don’t compare yourself or your life to someone else’s. We are all running our own race. Enjoy the moments you have.

In order to move forward in 2017, we have to have a basis of control over our daily life. I realize that control is a loose concept as our bodies do not cooperate and we cannot push through like “healthy” people. But that is a post for another day.

Trust Your Gut

I decided to leave the post from the first of this year. It very much relates what my mindset was at the time. And the absolutely horrid diagnosis from a doctor who spent far too little time listening to me. I wasn’t depressed and I don’t have carpal tunnel syndrome. Turns out I have a thing called Pernicious Anemia which is the inability to absorb vitamin b12. This led to a b12 deficiency and that cause neurological problems which can lead to dementia, a wheelchair, and worse.

For more information you can check out my other blog chronicnotcrazy or

The lack of energy and lack of answers has been crazy. I have learned a great deal about my chronic illness and about doctors. When you know something is wrong then you push for answers. Never accept “I don’t know”.

Now that I have some answers and a better understanding of what my body needs on a daily basis, I am embarking on the journey to live the best life I can.

That is where this blog comes in.

Originally I wanted to jump in to one of those Beachbody programs, but then I realized that I am physically unable to follow any of them. What I DID realize is that I can make my condition better by following certain protocols and tracking my progress day by day.

I’ll be using Mommy Makeover to track the progress and share lessons I’ve learned. Not sure anyone is going to actually follow along or even care. But as a writer I feel the need to journal and maybe I can help someone along the way who feels overwhelmed with the idea of trying to lose weight while dealing with a chronic illness.

It’s all about being the turtle in the race. Slow and steady. Figuring out how to control what you can and to forgive yourself for those things you can’t. Oh and how to ask for help. There are six people in my house plus four dogs and four cats. In order to find my peace, my happiness, they are going to have to learn to pitch in.