Eat Pray Love-Elizabeth was on to something

Our bodies work best when we are happy and feeding it the right foods. Granted, the lady from Eat,Pray,Love went to Italy to enjoy amazing food and to ‘let go’. I, however, have a different take on it. As a mom and a wife, I cannot simply pack up my life and move. I’m sure many of you can relate.

My solution? Learn to eat foods that are healthy for me AND taste good.

The second part includes getting back in touch with my spiritual side. Time to reconnect with God by spending daily time in meditation and prayer. DAILY. Using this to help curb some of my anger and anxiety. And trust me, when you can’t handle a lot of information at one time or can’t form an entire sentence because your brain can’t remember the words AND you are only 40 years old, you get a little cranky.

And then there’s the love. No I don’t want to divorce my husband and run off to find some exotic dude in a hut. I want to spend more time enjoying my husband and my children. I want to play more, laugh more, and create bonds that don’t currently exist. I’ve spent the last year hiding away because I was too tired or because any noise made me want to cry. It’s a lot better than it was, but I still have off days. Okay, I have more off than I would like.

I said all that to say this: There are 100 days left in 2016. I plan to be better off than I am today.

My overall goals are:

  • lose 28 pounds
  • get control of my blood sugar
  • increase my muscle mass (I have lost a great deal since last year)
  • have a clean house (this decreases my stress)
  • eating one meal a day as a family
  • one weekend a month is family weekend
  • one weekend a month is date night
  • keep my finances in order
  • start studying to be a health coach (I want to help others realize there is hope at the end of the tunnel)

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